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The Rogues' Gallery is a group of successful professionals in Dick Tracy's city. They meet and dress as famous villains (from real life and fiction) in order to relieve stress from their daily lives.

The Rogues' Gallery was headquartered at 704 Hauser St.

In 2018, the Rogues' Gallery club was the site of a murder. Dr. Chaplin killed the club Treasurer Dr. Eugene Roche. Roche had given Chaplin substantial loans from the club's account, and Chaplin killed Roche in an attempt to keep the loans secret.

Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem investigated the murder and Dr. Chaplin was arrested.

Known Members[]

  • Dr. Mabuse (aka Dr. Marx), President
  • Dr. Eugene Roche, Treasurer (deceased)
  • Dr. Chaplin (In custody)
  • Dr. Howard
  • Dr. Fine
  • Prof. DeRita


  • The Rogues' Gallery was the setting for a 2018 Minit Mystery.
  • 704 Hauser St. was the address of the character Archie Bunker and his family on the TV sitcom All in the Family. A later spin-off series called 704 Hauser was created about an African-American family living in the same house many years later.
  • Fine, Howard, and DeRita were all names of performers who were members of The Three Stooges. Apparently, no one named Besser has joined the Rogues' Gallery.
  • Chaplin is the name of another famous film comedian.
  • Dr. Mabuse is the name of a fictional villain who is a master of disguise and hypnotist.