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"Rogues' Gallery" was a 1-panel feature that was added to the Dick Tracy Sunday strip under the creative team of Max Allan Collins and Rick Fletcher. The Rogues' Gallery provided a brief description of characters from Tracy's past, not all of whom were criminals, but all were at least suspected of crime, including Dick Tracy himself.

The entries deal primarily with the crimes that the subject committed or were suspected of having committed. The entries then usually ended with a brief description of the suspect's ultimate fate.

In many cases, the Rogues' Gallery feature identified the fate of a character if it had not been made clear in the strip. Sometimes this was over-turned, as in the case of Pear-Shape, whose Rogues' Gallery entry said he was serving a life sentence, though was later shown to have been released.

The Rogues' Gallery was later replaced by the Crimestoppers Textbook feature.

In other media[]

  • Unknown
    The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy contains a Rogues' Gallery feature that included the villains Stooge Viller, The Mole, B-B Eyes, Pruneface, Mrs Pruneface, The Brow, Little Face Finny, Flattop Jones Sr., Vitamin Flintheart, Shaky, Breathless Mahoney, Mumbles, Shoulders, and Sketch Paree.
  • A 1970's reprint of the Flattop Jones Sr storyline included two Rogues' Gallery features (one on the cover and one in the middle) featuring The Brow, The Brain, Mr. Bribery and his sister Ugly Christine, Flattop, Itchy, Little Face Finny, Mamma, The Mole, Piggy Butcher, Posie, Pouch, Steve the Tramp, Jonny Scorn, and Scorpio. An error is present, in that the entry for villain identified as Jerome Trohs features a picture of Heels Beals.
  • There's at least one notable inaccuracy among these entries. In the Rogues' Gallery entry about Junky Doolb, his fate is listed as "Life Sentence". In the original strip, Doolb was shot and killed by police while attempting to escape from jail. His death was confirmed.