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First Appearance:

October 21st, 1956

Known Associates:


Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

Dick Tracy's Fiendish Foes
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 17

Rodney was a former convict and skilled engraver who was enlisted by Ivy to head up his counterfeiting operation. Rodney had no hair on his head, and had heavy-lidded, squinting eyes.

Rodney was a good-natured, simple-minded man who had spent most of his adult life in some form of confinement. He was known to have served a term in prison. After being released from prison, he was recruited by Ivy because of his excellent skills at counterfeiting currency. Even though Ivy claimed to trust Rodney, he still held Rodney captive in his underground hideout, where Rodney worked (while chained to a chair) during the day. Rodney spent his nights in a comfortable cell with many modern amenities.

Ivy introduced Rodney to his new wife Flossie shortly after the two were wed. Rodney then continued his work while Ivy went on his honeymoon. Ivy's hideout was eventually discovered by Policewoman Lizz as she was pursuing the fugitive Flattop Jones Jr. Rodney witnessed the shooting of Flattop, and was grateful to Lizz for freeing him.

When Dick Tracy and the rest of his squad arrived at the hideout, Rodney remembered that Ivy had rigged the entire area to explode with a nitroglycerin bomb. Rodney claimed that he could disarm the bomb, and Lizz went to help him. While Rodney worked on the bomb, Ivy arrived. Ivy had recently killed Flossie and was preparing to cover his tracks and make his escape. Rodney thought he had successfully disabled the explosives, so the police ran at Ivy and arrested him. It was soon discovered that Rodney had not actually disarmed the bomb, and that Ivy had installed the battery in his detonator upside-down.

Rodney blamed himself for nearly getting everyone killed, but Tracy consoled him. Rodney then enjoyed his first Christmas as a free man since 1925.


  • With his small eyes, prominent nose, and simplistic speech patterns, Rodney was similar to the earlier character The Mole.