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Rocky Sock was an art museum guard in Dick Tracy's city. He had rugged features and dark, slightly curly hair.

Rocky Sock was part of Dab Stract's art theft gang. In his capacity as a guard at the museum, Sock was able to grant his accomplices access to the museum after hours, enabling them to steal valuable artworks and replace them with copies. Sock could also observe if any visitors to the museum became suspicious, which he would then report to Stract.

Stract's scheme was discovered by Dick Tracy, who set a trap for the thieves. When they stole a valuable statue from the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C., Rocky and his accomplices were arrested after delivering the statue to Stract's home.


  • It is difficult to determine exactly when Rocky Sock first appeared in the strip. Non-descript male museum guards appeared during the Dab Stract storyline as early as May 6th. The first day that one of these guards can be confirmed as Rocky Sock is June 1st, 1995.