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Roach (real name unrevealed) was the father of the young singer Themesong. He was a slender man with light hair, light eyes, and prominent cheekbones. He often wore a boater hat and smoked cigarettes.

Shoulders' Operation[]

Roach was a pickpocket working for Shoulders' criminal organization in Dick Tracy's city. One day, Roach attempted to steal Dick Tracy's wallet from his pocket, but he was caught and arrested. Roach was bailed out of jail by Ward Heely and taken to see Shoulders.

Shoulders was angry that Roach had drawn the attention of the police to their activities. Shoulders became more angry when Themesong arrived at their hideout, as he believed that she had led police to him. Shoulders yelled at the girl and threw a lamp at her. Roach told Shoulders that he had gone too far, and that he and his daughter would inform on Shoulders to the police. Shoulders shot Roach (June 30th, 1946), then fled.

Themesong managed to get Roach back to the apartment they shared with Themesong's invalid mother, but Roach collapsed and died from his injury (July 5th, 1946). Themesong remained a presence in Dick Tracy's life for a short time thereafter, during which her mother was killed by the criminal Gargles.