Rikki Mortis was the girlfriend and accomplice of Abner Kadaver. She was a slender young woman with short black hair, light brown eyes and full lips. She typically dressed in "goth"-style clothes and sometimes wore a painted beauty mark on her cheek.

As a young adult, Rikki was a friend of Dethany Dendrobia. Rikki had a talent for mechanical engineering and also some skill with computers.

Aide to Abner KadaverEdit

Rikki aided Abner Kadaver in several ways. She smuggled him out of prison after he had faked his death, and she abducted Bonnie and Ray Tracy as part of Abner's plot to trap and kill Dick Tracy. When Abner pursued Dick Tracy to Europe, Rikki took on Abner's contracts and committed killings on her own. She often used her vehicle known as The Vampire Car.

After Abner was presumed killed, Rikki swore revenge on Dick Tracy and his friends and family. She contacted Police Chief Pat Patton's nephew Packard in prison and recruited him as part of a plan to lure Chief Patton into a trap. Rikki chased Pat Patton in her Vampire Car, but the vehicle's operations were taken over by the artificial intelligence known as Matty Squared. Squared was working for Mr. Bribery, who disapproved of Rikki's methods, so Squared destroyed the Vampire Car.

Rikki Mortis, disguised as a civilian

Rikki was able to jump clear of the vehicle before it exploded. She was arrested by Chief Patton.

Notes Edit

  • "Rikki Mortis" seems to be the character's legal name. It is not clear if it is her birth name or if she changed it at some point.
  • Rikki Mortis was shown to have very little interaction (if any) with Abner Kadaver's associates from Mr. Crime's gang, the Apparatus, or the Black Hearts.
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