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Rifle Ruby was a woman who lived alone in a cabin in the woods near the Gables Resort. She was a tall, sturdily-built woman with short light hair. She was an expert at shooting a rifle and had a strong dislike of men.

While Dick Tracy was on vacation at the Resort, he was shot by Tonsils during a boating trip. The boat sped off and Tracy nearly drowned, but Rifle Ruby happened to be passing by and she rescued him. Ruby took Tracy to her cabin and realized that he had been shot. She did not want Tracy to die, so she set off to bring a doctor.

Ruby returned with Doc Waters and was surprised to see that Tracy was gone. Unbeknownst to Ruby, Tracy had recovered enough to walk and he had returned to the Resort. Ruby and the doctor were then surprised by Sam Catchem and some local police, who were looking for Tracy (unaware that he was at the Resort).

Ruby was hostile to Sam, but the group soon received word that Tracy had been found. Ruby then joined the search for Sparkle Plenty and Bonnie Tracy, who had been in the speedboat when Tracy was shot. Ruby's familiarity with the area proved to be beneficial, as she knew about a rocky part of the lake's shoreline where the boat was eventually discovered. The girls were rescued and their families expressed their gratitude to Ruby.


Rifle Ruby as drawn by Joe Staton

Years later, Rifle Ruby saved Dick Tracy's life a second time when she found him in the woods where he had been left for dead by the assassin Sawtooth.


  • Ruby was shown to be around the same height as Sam Catchem, which would make her uncommonly tall for a woman, but would not qualify her as a Big Person.