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Revol ("Lover" spelt backwards) was the fiance of Myrna. He was a handsome young man with light hair and eyes.

Character Biography[]

While Myrna was staying with her grandmother Mrs. DePool following the murder of Angus, Revol came to visit her. Mrs. DePool shooed him away, fearing that he would discover that she was hiding Selbert. Eventually, Selbert revealed his presence to Myrna, who called for Revol to come and get her.

Unbeknownst to Myrna, Mrs. DePool had rigged the house's doorbell with a booby-trap. It was rigged with a poison needle that would prick the finger of anyone who pressed it. Revol arrived, and when he pressed the button he was immediately poisoned and collapsed.

The DePool house was under observation by the police, and Revol was rushed to a hospital. After Myrna discovered what had happened, she rushed to his side. Myrna was told that Revol had a good chance for survival, but his ultimate fate remains unknown.