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Retik was an associate of Mysta Chimera. Retik was a large, imposing man with short, dark hair.

Retik and his sister Stellaluna worked as Mysta's "handlers" during the time that she was being treated by Dr. Zy Ghote and Dr. S. Tim Sail following her genetic alteration. After Mysta's origins were revealed, Retik and Stellaluna were hired by Diet Smith to continue to help Mysta adjust to society,

As Mysta was able to assimilate more into society, Retik and Setllaluna left their jobs as Mysta's handlers and went to work at the Tyson institute.


  • The name "Retik" was inspired by the name of the moon-based villain in the film serial Radar Men from the Moon, featuring the jet pack-wearing hero Commando Cody.