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Restless Mahoney was a troubled youth with no father. Her older brother had died of a drug overdose. Her mother was kind and loving, but did not understand Restless' problems.

Restless was an attractive, shapely blonde teenager when she met Dick Tracy. She was a smoker and was openly disrespectful at school and at her fast-food job. This resulted in her getting detention and fired, respectively.

Recruited By Little Boy[]

Restless strongly resembled her deceased aunt Breathless, which quickly caught the attention of her new classmate, Harold "Hi-Top" Jones. Hi-Top had approached Restless with a note from his boss Little Boy, saying that the three of them had a common family lineage of crime. She met with Little Boy and he proposed that she be his "moll", with the understanding that it would be just for appearances and that no intimate physical contact would be involved. Restless reluctantly agreed and took to wearing a form-fitting black strapless dress.


Hi-Top and Little Boy were part of an inner city drug ring that had spread to the suburbs. Hi-Top and Little Boy kidnapped Dick Tracy and were arranging an "accident" for him. Tracy also observed the resemblance between Restless and her late aunt Breathless.

Restless Turns The Tables[]


After the capture of Tracy, Restless turned on Hi-Top and Little Boy, holding them at gunpoint. She blamed drugs for the death of her brother, and refused to be involved any further with Little Boy and Hi-Top's operation (it is possible that she had always intended to turn on her associates, but this is unclear).

Restless aided police in dismantling Little Boy's drug empire and sending Hi-Top to jail (Little Boy was killed while trying to escape capture). Tracy thanked Restless and she flirtatiously mentioned that she thought her aunt was right about Tracy being cute. Flattered, Tracy convinced Restless to give up her smoking habit.


  • Restless and Hi-Top's close association with Little Boy was a reference to their relatives' relationships in the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film: Flattop was Big Boy's top gunman and Breathless was Big Boy's reluctant moll, just like Hi-Top's and Restless' relation to Little Boy. Restless' outfit is also reminiscent of what Madonna wore as Breathless in the film.
  • Similarly, Breathless never made any indication that she found Tracy attractive in the strip, so Restless' compliment to Tracy is most likely inspired by the film as well (though it's possible Breathless wrote letters to her niece from prison in which she referred to a good-looking detective).