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Dick Tracy has a wide and varied following online. Many resources are available to fans of the strip, including blogs, forums, discussion groups, strip archives and more.

Below you will find resources for those who wish to read more of the strip, and for those who wish to contribute to the Dick Tracy Wiki.

For ReadersEdit
This site has an archive of the strip going back to late 2001. Many recent strips are in color, though the color was not provided by the official creative team. There is also a comments board where fans of the strip can share their reactions.
The website of the Houston Chronicle, daily strips can be read here in the original black and white.
The official website of the Chester Gould Dick Tracy museum. Features an extensive archive of interesting information, including video, character profiles, and rare artwork.
The Dick Tracy Depot also features a great deal of useful information about the strip, its characters, and other media.
Features several episodes of the Dick Tracy television and radio programs, as well as cartoons and film serials.
information and pictures of the 1990 movie.
A digital copy of the 1990 novel by Max Allan Collins in English, Spanish and French.
Google has obtained the microfiche newspaper archives from various libraries around the world and made them available for readers to access at no cost. Many of these papers carried the Dick Tracy comic strip, enabling fans to read strips that have not yet been re-published.
Navigation can be time-consuming, and many of the archives are incomplete. Most of the libraries did not scan Sunday papers, or kept them as separate archives. Additionally, Sunday strips (which were printed in color) did not always scan well.
Papers that carried Dick Tracy and have extensive archives include (but are not limited to):
Lawrence Journal World
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Spokane Daily Chronicle
St. Joseph Gazette & St. Joseph News-Press (Both include Sunday strips)
A Facebook group devoted to the strip. Fans can interact and share their opinions of the strip and other media. Members of the current creative team occasionally contribute.
Similar to the Facebook group, fans can interact with each, pose questions, and engage in conversation.
Another Yahoo group, this one contains scans of several complete storylines that have not yet been re-published (including many storylines from the 1960s, 70s, & 90s).

For Contributors to this WikiEdit

Please make an effort to adhere to the established style and tone of this Wiki. For example:

  • Writing should be academic/journalistic in tone. Write as you would for a scholarly paper, a newspaper article, or police report.
  • Avoid colloquialism. For example, "The criminals fled the city and hid at the home the gang leader's girlfriend" rather than "The crooks went on the lam and hid with kingpin's moll".
  • Events should be relayed in the past tense rather than the present. For example, "Dick Tracy found a clue and went to suspect's workplace", rather than "Dick Tracy finds a clue and goes to the suspect's workplace".
  • The body of the article should contain only information about what happened in the strip. Commentary or "behind-the-scenes" information should be reserved for the "Notes" section of an article.
  • When creating a new article, include at least 1 picture (see below) and the infobox graphic containing as much of the following information as possible:
  1. Character Name
  2. Date of First Appearance
  3. Real Name (if applicable)
  4. Known Aliases (if applicable)
  5. Known Relatives (if applicable)
  6. Known Associates (if applicable)
  7. Date of Appearance of Death (if applicable)
  8. Created By
  9. Can Be Found (cite publications - typically books or compilations - in which the character appears)
  • If you do not know how to create an Infobox graphic, feel free to look at an entry that contains one and duplicate the format.

To Create a PictureEdit

  • Scan a page using your home scanner and crop the appropriate image.
  • Capture an image from an online source using the PrtScn button found above the numeral panel in the upper right corner of most standard computer keyboards. The image will be saved in your computer's temporary memory or "clipboard".
  • Paste the image into a photo editing program, such as Microsoft Paint by selecting "Paste" from the menu screen (upper left corner), or using the keystroke Ctrl-V.
  • Crop the image as necessary. Make other adjustments (contrast, sharpness, etc) as needed.
  • A picture needs to be added to the Wiki's archive before it can be added to an Infobox graphic. Add the picture to the body of the article, then remove it, taking note of the file name which will then need to be correctly typed into the Infobox Template.
  • When creating a picture, try to select images that are good representations of a character, location, artistic style, or situation.
  • Full strips are not necessary and are space-consuming. Additionally, multiple images of the same character on a page that do not reflect different styles or depictions of that character are not needed.
  • Photographs are subject to copywright restrictions. Please review the Wiki policy on photographs before adding any.