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Lois Bellowthon was the congressional representative for the district that included Dick Tracy's city. She was a heavyset woman with blonde hair.

Bellowthon wanted to secure her re-election, and she hired the social media expert Selfy Narcisse to help her. Narcisse convinced Bellowthon that she could gain support by stoking anti-Lunarian sentiment. Bellowthon introduced a bill that would make it illegal for Lunarians to reside in the United States.

This bill angered Mysta Chimera, who confronted Bellowthon at he office. Bellowthon was unmoved by Mysta's comments. Around this time, Bellowthon discovered that Selfy was embezzling from the campaign funds. Selfy killed her, then fled.

Mysta was briefly suspected of the murder, but Selfy's guilt was soon established. He was killed while trying to escape capture.


  • The name "Bellowthon" was apparently a play on "bellow a ton", implying that she makes a lot of loud noise.