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Red Bluff was an AWOL United States Navy sailor that met 88 Keyes and the naive Nellie Wheaten. He had light hair, and a pair of scars on his left cheek near his eye.

Character Biography[]

An old friend of Nellie's family, Bluff claimed to have been dishonorably discharged for striking an officer. He recognized 88 and admitted he was actually a fugitive and a deserter. Red joined 88 and Nellie in their flight from the law.

88 stopped at a country store where Bluff changed to civilian clothes and 88 robbed the cash register. After Nellie wrecked their getaway car, 88 and Bluff tried to escape on foot. Because Navy Intelligence would be pursuing Bluff, 88 killed him. The crime was witnessed and attracted the attention of a posse led by Dick Tracy. The posse found and recovered Bluff's body, and 88 was killed shortly thereafter.