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Rainbow Reiley was a beautiful young woman with long blond hair.

She suffered from congenital cataracts which had left her blind since childhood. Rainbow lived in a rural area outside Dick Tracy's city with her invalid father.

Saving Sparkle and Wingy[]

When a massive flood affected the area, Sparkle Plenty and Wingy were swept away in their inflatable wading pool. The girls called for help and were rescued by Rainbow, who calmed them. The flood waters had transported the three of them far from their homes.

Rainbow and the girls sought refuge in a hideout used by the criminal Rughead and his gang. Rughead planned to kill the three of them, but Rainbow and the girls were able to escape and get help. Rainbow's memory of the sounds near the hideout were able to lead Dick Tracy and the police to it, but Rughead escaped.

Rainbow learned that her father had died in the flood. Her story gained widespread attention, and Diet Smith arranged for her to receive an operation to restore her eyesight.