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The man called Rabbit was a henchman of Yeti. He had a small wiry build, shaggy brown hair, and prominent front teeth. He seemed to have a cleft palate.

Rabbit accidentally included a sample of one Yeti's poisons with a legitimate perfume delivery. Yeti killed Rabbit for this mistake.

Rabbit's sister Ferret later became an associate of Yeti as well.


  • Rabbitmug
    The storyline in which Rabbit was introduced was credited to guest writer Mark Barnard. Mike Curtis was still credited as part of the strip's creative team.
  • Rabbit's death was not shown on-panel. Yeti was shown picking up a weapon in one strip, then later referred to his associate as "the late Rabbit". Rabbit's body was later found by police outside of Dick Tracy's city.
  • Rabbit's name "Thomas Dooley" may be a reference to the folk song "Tom Dooley", about a man who was executed for killing his lover. It was a hit for the Kingston Trio in 1958, and it was inspired by the real-life murder committed in North Carolina in 1866 by a man named Tom Dula.