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Quiver Trembly was a young woman who had a shaking trait that she shared with her late uncle Shaky. She was a slender woman with two-toned hair.

Quiver was first seen talking to her brother Tom's lawyer, demanding he make an appeal on her brother's behalf, but the lawyer insisted that there was nothing he could do because Tom had attempted to blow up a middle school with dynamite.

The Tracy Plot[]

Convinced that Tom was a political prisoner, she planned to hijack a plane in exchange for the government releasing him. She found Dick Tracy and his family at a California Airport (following the birth of Tracy's son Joseph Flintheart Tracy) and posed as a college student taking a picture of young Joe. This was a pretense so she could sneak a gun onboard in Joe's baby carrier (which contained metal).

Quiver managed to get her gun and hold the plane hostage in mid-flight, demanding that her brother be released. After Tracy grabbed her gun away from her she took out a remote control for a bomb (which was a fake) so she could get her gun back. Tracy punched her in the face and she was taken into FBI custody upon landing.

Quiver's New Allies[]

Prunella and gang

Prunella, Angeltop, and Quiver (far right). The Xylon ring resurrected

Quiver somehow escaped federal custody and planned the jailbreak of Angeltop Jones, who was being transferred to a maximum security prison for women. Angeltop, having never met Quiver, was intrigued and grateful for her help. Quiver and her henchmen carjacked the squad car that Angeltop was in and Quiver's men disguised themselves as police officers, driving to a safe location. Quiver shot Lizz during the altercation, but only grazed her temple.

Quiver and Angeltop went into hiding for a while and eventually resurfaced with their partner Prunella LaBoche, the granddaughter of Pruneface. All three women shared the common bond that their relatives (Pruneface, Shaky, and Flattop) had been involved in the same World War II espionage ring to obtain the secret formula for the powerful explosive compound Xylon.

The Xylon Plot[]

The three women planned to destroy Diet Smith's new Fusion Plant. They were originally planning on obtaining Plutonium from supplier Egan Oipse, but he was killed before they were able to make the exchange. Instead, they decided to use Xylon. The trio hid at the home of Carl Craven, an old college friend of Quiver's who was enamored of her. Quiver and Prunella made their ransom demand via television uplink to Dick Tracy, Diet Smith and an entire crowd of people all trapped in the compound. Quiver and Prunella were each eventually taken into FBI custody and Angeltop committed suicide before she could be arrested.

Shaky II[]


Quiver as drawn by Joe Staton

Some time later, Quiver was shown to be out of jail on parole and living in an apartment in Dick Tracy's city. She was approached by her cousin Shaky II, who was seeking refuge after a failed extortion attempt. Quiver and Shaky had not gotten along in the past, but Shaky was certain that she would provide him with a place to hide.

Quiver was reluctant to allow Shaky to stay with her, but Shaky observed evidence of a confidence scheme that Quiver was operating and offered to help her. After collecting some ill-gotten funds from local merchants, Shaky, Quiver, and Shaky's girlfriend were spotted in their car by police. The group stopped at a nearby constructions site, hoping to evade police by separating. Shaky was captured after a brief standoff, and Quiver was also caught and arrested.

In prison, Quiver befriended fellow inmate Rikki Mortis.


  • While Quiver was related to Shaky, she does not seem to have been especially close to or fond of her uncle, and she does not seem to be motivated by any desire to avenge him. She therefore does not qualify in the category of a Revenge-Seeking Relative.
  • In her early appearances, Quiver's hair was depicted as light/blond of top, fading to dark at the tips. This was how she appeared in Sunday strips, and this color scheme was reproduced when she appeared on the cover of Dick Tracy Meets the Punks. When she reappeared in the mid-1980s, her hair was more commonly colored blue on top, which is a technique that is generally used by comics colorists to represent shiny black hair. When she re-appeared in 2020, she had blonde hair on the top her head once again.