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The Queen of Spades was third in command of the 52 Gang. Like the rest of the gang, she was typically depicted wearing a hood that concealed her features.

Queen of Spades had a romantic relationship with Ten of Spades, whom Dick Tracy was impersonating. She took over leadership of the gang when Ace of Spades was captured and King of Spades was killed.

Queen of Spades eventually staged a last stand where she and the rest of the gang were killed. Years later, another criminal adopted the identity of Queen of Spades.


  • There is no apparent connection between Queen of Spades (or any other members of the 52 Gang) and Queen of Diamonds (though presumably the 52 Gang would have had a Queen of Diamonds).
  • A female member of the gang appeared before October 30th, 1962, but she was not identified so it cannot be established if it was Queen of Spades.