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Kimberly Mynes (the criminal known as the Queen of Diamonds) was a jewel thief who operated in Dick Tracy's city. She typically dressed like the Queen of Diamonds playing card, and she was especially skilled at hand-to-hand combat.

At some point in the past, Tracy had arrested Mynes for grand theft. She had served a prison term and been released. Early in the case of Royal Flush and his gang, Mynes contacted Tracy and offered her expertise. Tracy took her at her word and accepted her offer of help.

The Queen's Betrayal[]

Mynes actual plan was to ambush Flush at a casino that he was robbing. Mynes escaped with Flush's stolen money and left Flush and his gang for the police. Mynes then gave the stolen money to her co-conspirator Mr. Facet (a rival casino manager). Facet and Mynes' plan was to eliminate the other casino that was Facet's competition, in exchange for which Facet would give Mynes a rare large diamond that was in his possession.

Tracy deduced Mynes' plot and confronted her on one of the upper floors of Facet's riverfront casino. They fought until Tracy threw the diamond off a roof into the river. Mynes leapt after it and fell down the smokestack of a passing tugboat. She was killed and her body was later recovered.

Tracy later revealed that he had switched the diamond with a look-alike, and the real diamond was still in his possession.

Some time later, it was revealed that Kimberly was the sister of the criminal known as One-Eyed Jack. Jack crossed paths with Dick Tracy and attempted to kill him before being killed himself.


  • When Tracy believed that Mynes was trying to help him, he addressed her by the affectionate nickname "Queenie". This was not an alias that she used herself.
  • There is no apparent connection between the Queen of Diamonds and the similarly-themed 52 Gang. All of the 52 Gang were presumed killed at the end of their storyline. If Kimberly Mynes WAS the Queen of Diamonds from the 52 Gang, this was never explicitly stated. Although the 52 Gang were not specifically diamond thieves, Tracy stated that Mynes had served a prison term for "grand theft", under which the 52 Gang's theft of the Space Coupe would qualify.