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The man known as Purce was a member of the Brain's gang. He was a slender man with light eyes and light hair. Purce was especially well-versed in music and could easily interpret Brain's instructions to the gang based on the tunes Brain played on his ocarina.

Purce was an active participant in all of the Brain's criminal activities. These included the abduction and murder of Crystal the Seer, the theft of Vera Alldid's custom-made sports car, the attempt to kill Onyx Fencer, and the murder of Danny the Dip.

Purce was killed along with the rest of Brain's gang when Stubby Chinz drove their getaway car into a train tunnel and was struck by a freight train.


  • There was another unnamed member of Brain's gang who was alternately depicted with dark and light hair. Ambiguity in the artwork can make it difficult to determine which of the two men was Purce at some times. They were almost always present at the same times.