Pucker Puss was a contract killer who had false teeth which gave his mouth a puckered look. These dentures were specially modified to contain a secret firearm that he used to kill people. Pucker Puss had dark hair that he wore in a pageboy style. He typically wore eyeglasses.

Pucker Puss was a hypochondriac who worried frequently about his blood pressure. His only known friend was the bank robber mastermind Lispy.

Character BiographyEdit

Pucker Puss' one confirmed victim was Greenback Eddy. Two other suspected victims of Pucker Puss were the dentist who had made his dentures and the underworld gunsmith who had made his gun.

Pucker Puss kidnapped Lizz and hijacked a taxi, then tried to kill both Lizz and the cab driver.

Pucker Puss was killed in a gunfight with Dick Tracy (June 13th, 1976).

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