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Pucker Puss was a contract killer who had false teeth which gave his mouth a puckered look. These dentures were specially modified to contain a secret firearm that he used to kill people. Pucker Puss had dark hair that he wore in a pageboy style. He typically wore eyeglasses.

Pucker Puss was an associate of Lispy, a hypochondriac who frequently requested that Pucker Puss take her blood pressure.

Pucker Puss' one confirmed victim was Greenback Eddy. Two other suspected victims of Pucker Puss were the dentist who had made his dentures and the underworld gunsmith who had made his gun. His murder of Greenback Eddy was caught on film of the baseball game, and Pucker Puss fled the city.

He escaped to Florida, where he was discovered by Lizz. Pucker Puss abducted Lizz and stole a boat, apparently planning to dump the policewoman in are where she would be eaten by sharks. Lizz was able to free herself and pushed Pucker Puss over the side of the boat. Believing that she had disposed of Pucker Puss, Lizz returned to the harbor where she was arrested for stealing the boat. Dick Tracy was then called.

Unbeknownst to Lizz, Pucker Puss had grabbed a boat line and had survived. He encountered Tracy and Lizz while the police officers were investigating Pucker Puss's hotel room. He abducted Lizz again and hijacked a taxi. Liz burned Pucker Puss' gun hand with a cigarette lighter, causing the cab to crash into a palm tree. Pucker Puss then tried to kill both Lizz and the cab driver by setting the car on fire.

Tracy arrived and killed Pucker Puss in a gunfight. Tracy was burned saving Lizz and had a grizzled look for several months thereafter.