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Professor Stokes was a biologist and expert in vampire lore. He was a slender man with short dark hair that he typically wore parted in the middle. Stokes had had his upper canine teeth altered to resemble fangs.

Stokes also had some skill as an engineer. He developed a harness that allowed him to quickly suck blood out of a victim.

Stokes targeted the Brown sisters - Faith, Hope, and Charity - after they received an inheritance from an uncle that Stokes believed was rightfully his. He attacked Faith Brown, subdued her with chloroform and sucked out nearly one-third of her blood. Faith died from the assault.

The murder received attention in the local press, prompting Honeymoon Tracy and Annie Warbucks to decide to investigate it as part of a course in journalism that they were taking. Their instructor arranged for them to interview Stokes. Stokes met with the girls, who were accompanied by Honeymoon's grandfather Dick Tracy, and explained some elements of vampire culture.

Tracy became suspicious of Stokes, and he believed that the surviving Brown sisters would also be targeted. Stokes attempted to kill Charity Brown, but she had been replaced by the policewoman Lizz in disguise. Stokes attempted to flee, but he inadvertently jumped in front of a speeding police car and was apparently killed.


  • Stokes' death was not explicitly stated, but the language and images strongly implied that he is dead.
  • The name "Stokes" may have been inspired by Bram Stoker, who wrote the well-known vampire novel Dracula.