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"Pop Top" Jones (first name unrevealed) is the oldest known living member of the infamous Jones clan. His flat head is apparently a genetic trait that his children Flattop Sr., Sharptop, Auntie Flattop and his grandchild Flattop Jr. inherited.

To the best of his son Blowtop's knowledge, Poptop had fathered five children.

When Angeltop escaped police custody with the help of Quiver Trembly, FBI agent Jim Trailer and his partner called upon Poptop to question him about his granddaughter's whereabouts. Poptop claimed that he did not know and that he preferred it that way, as he considered her and her father to be an embarrassment to the Jones family.

At the time of Trailer's visit, Poptop was shown to be living alone. It is not known if his wife/wives/mother(s) of his children are living or deceased.

Poptop had the habits of beer drinking and frequent belching.


  • In the 2011 flashback storyline, Blowtop seemed to address Flattop by the nickname "Moptop" during a brief discussion about their mother. On the GoComics discussion board for this day's strip, writer Mike Curtis posted that his wife had come up with a name for the Jones brothers' mother. Some readers have interpreted this as Curtis stating that "Moptop" is Poptop wife's name or nickname, but this has not been confirmed or officially established within the strip's continuity (yet).