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The unnamed mother of the girl called Popsie was a dark haired woman with light eyes. She had a long history of associating with criminals.

Popsie's mother owned a children's clothing shop as a front for the Slot Machine Ring, with just enough merchandise in it to make it seem legitimate. She was assigned by the gang to purchase the slot machine factory owned by Headache. She did so, attracting the attention of the police in the process.

At Christmastime, Headache, Popsie and her mother attempted to flee the city and start a new life elsewhere. They were followed by the Slot Machine Ring, who ran their car off the road and kidnapped Popsie's mother. The gang intended to murder her at sea, but she leaped overboard and drowned.

The gang recovered the body of Popsie's mother and planted it in a large fountain in the center of downtown. An autopsy revealed she had died with salt water in her lungs, leading Dick Tracy and the police to conclude that she had not drowned in the fountain.

Her mother's death convinced Popsie to become a cooperative witness against the Ring.


  • Popsie's mother used the alias "Mary Jones" at one point. It was indicated that this was not her real name.