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Popsie was a young woman who lived in Dick Tracy's city. She had dark hair, dark eyes, and enjoyed lollipops.

Popsie's mother was an associate of the criminal Slot Machine Gang. Popsie was introduced to Headache, who became fixated on the girl. Popsie's mother and Headache were both killed by the Slot Machine Ring, but Popsie was able to escape their wrath.


  • It was implied that Popsie was in her teens, and she was often depicted as immature (crying often and having a fondness for candy). It is not clear if she was legally an adult or not.
  • While the police were investigating Popsie's activities, they searched her car without a warrant and with questionable probable cause. They also planted a listening device without a warrant or court order. These would almost certainly be considered violations of Popsie's constitutional rights.