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The woman called Pony was the former wife of the wealthy Kincaid "Canhead" Plenty. She was a large woman with blonde hair.

Pony and an employee of Canhead's plotted to kill him in an attempt to collect on Canhead's life insurance. Believing that they had succeeded, Pony killed her conspirator so that she would not have to share the insurance money. She soon realized that Canhead had not died. Instead of trying to kill him again, she convinced Canhead that he had killed his employee, and the two buried the body in one of Canhead's empty oil wells. Pony then divorced Canhead and blackmailed him for years to keep this secret.

Some time later, Pony and her husband 3-D Magee tried blackmailing Canhead for $100,000. He initially refused but eventually capitulated when Pony and Magee threatened his family. The two criminals were eventually captured by Dick Tracy and evidence was found implicating Pony for the murder she had committed years before. She confessed, and showed regret for her life of crime.


  • When taking a lie detecter test Pony was asked if her name was Pony Magee and replied "yes". This indicates that she and 3-D Magee were married (which a later Rogues' Gallery feature confirmed), though she only identified him to Canhead as a "friend". It also indicates that "Pony" is not a nickname or alias.
  • Canhead said to B.O. Plenty that his last wife had left him a year ago, but later said to Tracy that his last wife was causing all the trouble. This might tend to contradict the statement that he had been blackmailed for five years (though it's conceivable that Pony was blackmailing him while they were still married).
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    At the conclusion of the story of 3-D Magee and Pony, Dick Tracy expresses confidence that that there is sufficient evidence to have them both sentenced to death. Pony's fate has not been confirmed, but her statement of contrition may have earned her a less severe sentence, and courts are often more lenient in sentencing women than men. A later Rogues' Gallery feature indicated that she had received a Life Sentence.