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Pollyanna was a model and associate of the criminal Piggy Butcher. She was tall and voluptuous, with long blonde hair that she wore down over her face. She liked to smoke cigarettes and drink martinis, and had the habit of referring to herself in the third person.

Friend of the Butcher[]

Pollyanna was fond of Piggy, and when he called her in desperation, she came to his aid. To comfort Piggy, she fixed him drinks, tickled his nose with her hair, and agreed to participate in a scheme to kidnap Moon Maid.

Moon Maid had played a key role in bringing down Piggy's criminal empire, and Piggy was obsessed with getting even. Piggy planned to have Pollyanna impersonate Moon Maid at the Policemen's Annual Holiday Ball, where the real Moon Maid was to be honored. Once inside the ballroom, Pollyanna was instructed to to stun Moon Maid and the other police who were present with an experimental laser gun that an associate of Piggy had stolen from the Argonne National Laboratory. Pollyanna and her accomplices were to then bring the unconscious Moon Maid back to Piggy's hideout, where he would take out his revenge on her.

Masquerading as Moon Maid[]

Pollyanna is puzzled

Pollyanna was given a pair of artificial moon horns and a Moon Maid costume, which she happily tried on. With her hair covering her face, she looked convincingly like Moon Maid. Pollyanna was delighted with the look and began to practice her modeling poses, which annoyed Piggy. She also became drunk from drinking too many martinis.

Pollyanna was also fitted with a pair of lead gloves, which had to be worn when handling the laser gun to avoid radiation poisoning. To divert suspicion, the laser gun was hidden in a faux giant escargot shell made of papier-mâché. Piggy's attorney, an unwilling accomplice in the scheme, was forced to dress like Moon Governor and accompany Pollyanna to the Policemen's Ball. Also accompanying Pollyanna was a man named Ikky, one of Piggy's henchmen, to make sure the crime was carried out. The three eventually set out on their task, leaving Piggy behind at his motel hideout.

As Pollyanna, the attorney, and Ikky were climbing into a taxi, Ikky stumbled and fell on the attorney, who fell on Pollyanna, who fell on the fake escargot shell housing the laser gun. The gun went off, vaporizing the cab and all four people inside it, and leaving a 10-foot-deep crater in the street (December 11th, 1967).

Piggy was devastated by the loss, and sank into depression and drunkenness.


  • In 2005, Pollyanna was a subject of an original artwork by the pinup/good girl artist Al Rio. Piggy Butcher also appears in the piece, as does Notta Chin Chillar (though Pollyanna and Notta never interacted in the strip).