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"Pigskin" Parson (first name unrevealed) was a successful athlete who lived in Dick Tracy's city. He had blond hair.

Parson was abducted by Smallmouth Bass in a car that was rigged to pump carbon monoxide into the sealed passenger section. Parson died from lack of oxygen.

Parson's heart (which was still healthy) was removed by Olga, with the understanding that she would surreptitiously transfer it to Dr. Orta to use in a transplantation experiment. Parson's heart was discovered and into into police custody before Orta could collect it.

Parson's body was later discovered in the city's harbor. His mother was able to identify him. When the autopsy revealed that Parson's heart was missing, Tracy and the police lab compared the heart they had obtained to Parson's body and deduced that the heart was his.


  • The nickname "Pigskin" would tend to indicate that Parson had excelled at American football.