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Piggy Butcher's unnamed lawyer was an attorney who operated in Dick Tracy's city. He wore eyeglasses, had dark wavy hair and a moustache. He sometimes wore a fedora.

The lawyer represented Piggy after Piggy's stolen car operation was raided by the police and F.B.I. The lawyer also advised George and Notta Chin Chillar, who were also taken into custody during the raid.

The lawyer was connected to the criminal underworld, and Piggy Butcher had compromising documents against him. The threat of blackmail compelled the lawyer to comply with Piggy's demands when the gangster sought revenge against Moon Maid.

Piggy instructed the lawyer to disguise himself as the Moon Governor and accompany Piggy's other accomplice Pollyanna (who would be disguised as Moon Maid) to a Policeman's Ball where Moon Maid was to be honored. The plan was to abduct Moon Maid by zapping her with a high-powered laser weapon stolen from the Argonne National Laboratory. Piggy's lawyer initially refused to cooperate with this plan, but was forced to comply at gunpoint.

As Pollyanna, the lawyer, and Ikky (another of Piggy's associates) were getting into a taxi to go to the Policeman's Ball, the group stumbled, knocking Pollyanna onto the laser weapon and setting it off. The taxi and all of the occupants were vaporized, leaving a large molten crater in the street.