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The man called "Pigeon Pete" was an elderly janitor who worked in the office of the Golden Hearts Organization. He was bald, with wispy white hair hair on the sides of his head. He was slender, bent, and wore eyeglasses.

Pigeon Pete had been a member of Mumps' criminal organization. At some point in the past, Mumps had framed Pete for a crime, and Mumps served a term in prison on a larceny charge. Upon his release, Mumps gave Pete a job as a janitor in the office of his fraudulent charity.

Pigeon Pete witnessed Mumps' murder of Mr. Thistle. Pete felt no loyalty to Mumps and informed Dick Tracy of what he had seen. Fearing reprisal from Mumps, Pigeon Pete was placed into protective custody.

Mumps was released on a technicality, and Pigeon Pete agreed to serve as bait to lure the dangerous criminal back to the city so he could face additional charges. Pete was moved from police headquarters into a nearby hotel, and a notice was placed in the local newspaper about his new residence.

Mumps saw the notice and confronted Pete in the hotel. Dick Tracy and Pat Patton had been laying wait for Mumps in the next room and gunshots were exchanged. Mumps escaped, but was eventually killed while fleeing police.

Pigeon Pete was presumably left to his own devices after the death of Mumps.


  • "Pigeon" (sometimes "stool pigeon") is a colloquial term for a criminal informant. It is usually considered derogatory, indicating that the informant is betraying their confederates. "Pigeon" can also mean someone who is taking the punishment for a crime that someone else committed.
  • Pigeon Pete appeared in Dell Comics' Dick Tracy Monthly #19 (cover date July, 1949). This was first issue to feature an original full-length story produced for specifically for the comics. The writer and artist(s) were not credited.