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Pierre W. Easel, also known as "Pete the Weasel", was a member of Dab Stract's art theft ring. Easel was a slender man with wavy dark hair and a moustache.

As part of a Dab Stract's art theft scheme, Easel opened the Easy Easel Art School in Dick Tracy's city. Easel's teaching method consisted of having his students copy famous works of art. This "school" served as a cover which enabled one of Easel's students - Dippy the Brush - to copy valuable artworks without arousing suspicion. Easel and his other accomplices would then replace the original artworks with copies and provide the originals to Stract (in exchange for payment).

One of Easel's legitimate students was Tess Tracy. When Stract instructed Easel to obtain Grant Wood's famous painting "American Gothic", Easel replaced it with a duplicate painted by Tess rather than Dippy (since Easel believed that Tess' copy was better). Tess was later able to identify the copied painting as her own.

Dick Tracy set a trap for Stract and his accomplices when the thieves stole a valuable statue from the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. Easel was arrested after delivering the statue to Stract's home.