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Pierce Lowb was a young criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He was a thin man with light curly hair. He typically wore a large hoop earring in his right ear. Lowb had some skill as a marksman.

Attempt on Tracy's Life[]

Pierce Lowb was the second person to attempt to collect Big Boy's One Million Dollar Open Contract on Dick Tracy (after Louie Small). Lowb used a high-powered rifle and shot at Tracy while Tracy rode down a city street in an unmarked police car that Sam Catchem was driving. The bullet was deflected by the windshield and Sam crashed into a fire hydrant.

Tracy identified the building from which Lowb had fired and was able to confront the young man as Lowb attempted to exit the building. Lowb surrendered, but defiantly declared his confidence that someone else would succeed in killing Tracy.


  • The name Pierce Lowb is apparently a play on "pierced lobe", a reference to his prominent earring.