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The unnamed piano tuner was a member of 88 Keyes' murder gang. He had short, dark hair and wore eyeglasses.

Character Biography[]

The tuner, upon receiving a signal from the girl singer Jinny, stabbed A.B. Helmet with a steak knife during a musical performance at the Club Joy. He received $1,000 for the murder. When Dick Tracy and Pat Patton traced the knife to Club Dove, another restaurant at which the tuner was also working, Patton recognized the tuner from having been at Club Joy.

While Patton engaged the piano tuner in conversation, Tracy found and confiscated a small grinding wheel in the tuner's bag, which was later discovered to have been used to prepare the murder weapon. When the tuner learned that 88 Keyes had killed Jinny and run off with Mrs. Helmet, he confessed to his part in the murder. He further revealed that it was the fourth contract killing the gang had committed.


  • Tracy's search of the piano tuner's bag (lacking a warrant and with questionable probable cause) was almost certainly a violation of the tuner's 4th Amendment rights, and could probably have been used to his advantage during the case against him had he not confessed.
  • It is not made clear if Piano Tuner was ever charged for the other three killings by the 88 Keyes gang. As the other members were dead at the end of the storyline, Tuner would be the only one left to be held accountable.