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Phillip Harmonic was the conductor of the symphony orchestra in Dick Tracy's city. He was a tall, slender man with white hair and a lined face. In addition to his skill as a conductor, he could also play the violin and the guitar.

Harmonic first came to Dick Tracy's attention when he reported that his adult son had stolen his valuable Stradivarius violin. Harmonic and his son then had a falling out when his son revealed that he had sold the violin in order to finance his ambitions to start a rock band.

Harmonic continued in his work of conducting the local symphony orchestra. He later agreed to play as part of a string quartet at a local embassy party. Harmonic was shocked to discover that his son's rock band was also playing at the same party.

Harmonic's Stradivarius had been sold to Virgil Ohso, a terrorist who installed a bomb in it and then arranged for it to be planted at the embassy where Harmonic would find it. Dick Tracy, who was a guest at the party, discovered the plot and threw the violin into the embassy's swimming pool to blunt the force of the explosion. Harmonic was angered at the destruction of his instrument.

Ohso arrived at the embassy to observe the outcome of his plot. Harmonic's son recognized Ohso as the man to whom he had sold the stolen violin, and Ohso shot him. Upon his son's death, Harmonic regretted the hostility that had existed between them. 

Harmonic then approached his son's rock band to record a song in his memory, with Harmonic playing lead guitar.


  • The name "Phil Harmonic" is a play on "philharmonic", a word often used as a modifier to describe an orchestra. It is derived from the Greek meaning "loving harmony". Some other characters in the Phil Harmonic storyline also have names derived from musical terms.