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Peter Patton was one of two grown nephews of Chief Pat Patton. He and his brother Packard ("Pack" for short) were taken in by their uncle following the death of their parents, despite the fact that both young men were 19 years old.

Pete was the more quiet of the two brothers. He had dark hair, and prominent front teeth. He enjoyed the popular Rubik's Cube brain-teaser game, and often wore a tattered T-Shirt proclaiming "Cube Power!"

Who Shot Pat Patton?[]

Pete and Pack came to live with their uncle Pat after their parents died suddenly. They were ill-mannered young men and had a generally sloppy appearance. Pete and his brother became a nuisance to their uncle's new wife Toby Townley.

When Chief Patton went missing, Pete initially resisted aiding in the investigation. Later, after the "psychic" Astral Turf became involved in the search, Pete admitted that he had overheard Chief Patton having a loud argument with the writer Kasper Hackett. He claimed that the reason he had not mentioned this earlier was that he "didn't want to get involved".

Pack and Pete had not been considered serious suspects in Patton's disappearance. Chief Patton was later found alive and he returned to live with his wife and nephews.

The New Crimestoppers[]


Pete and his brother began to frequent a local video game arcade. There, they ran afoul of Honeymoon Tracy and the newly re-formed Crimestoppers Club. The Crimestoppers became suspicious of the brothers when the two men bullied the kids, and were later shown giving what appeared to be a bribe or a payoff to the arcade manager.

The Crimestoppers' observation eventually linked Pack and Pete to a local car theft ring operated by Mr. & Mrs. Rockwell under the direction of Lofty. The two young men were arrested and taken to jail.

Chief Patton visited Pack and Pete in jail and informed them that he would not have them released, as the charges against them were legitimate. Chief Patton agreed to pay for their legal defense, as he felt that he had failed them as an guardian and an influence. The two brothers would face multiple charges as adults.

Some time later, Pack was recruited by the criminal Rikki Mortis to help plan an ambush where she would kill Pat Patton. Pete was apparently not aware of the scheme, which did not succeed.