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The Perfume Gang

First Appearance:

March 28th, 1937

Known Members:

Marge Denton
Madeline Dell

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 4

The Perfume Gang was a group of three young women who stole valuable perfume from vendors in Dick Tracy's city. The gang consisted of Madeline Dell, Julie and their leader, Marge Denton.

The gang attracted the attention Dick Tracy, who recruited Junior to observe their activities. The gang discovered Junior spying on them, but Junior was able to escape with the help of uniformed police officers.

The gang then decided to rob a large perfume warehouse. Dick Tracy became aware of their scheme and the women knocked him unconscious before he could stop their plans. They took him back to their hideout where they tied him to a cot.

While Marge and Julie went to find their broker (the woman known as "Madame") and bring her to their hideout, Tracy revived and was able to overpower Madeline. When the rest of the gang arrived, Tracy held them at gunpoint until more police officers could be summoned and take the gang into custody.

Dick Tracy's investigation of their activities led to his involvement with Johnny Mintworth. Mintworth was unwittingly drawn into a scheme of Marge's to escape from jail, but the plan was thwarted.