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Penny Bank was the daughter of Pig E. and Greedelia Bank. She had wavy dark hair. Penny was a high school classmate of Bonnie Tracy. Penny had a friendly relationship with Bonnie and Joe Tracy.

Penny refused the offer of a date from Lug Sweeney, believing him to be beneath her social standing. When acts of sabotage began occurring at the local shopping mall (where Lug worked as a janitor), Penny suspected that Lug was responsible. She shared her suspicions with Dick Tracy.

Penny eventually befriended Lug and allowed him to stay in her penthouse home while he attempted to prove his innocence. They later became romantically involved and went to work at the hobby shop operated by Lug's father Mr. Sweeney.


  • At the time of her encounter with Dick Tracy, Penny's father was serving a prison sentence. She stated this information dispassionately, and did not seem to harbor any ill will towards Tracy, his family, or the police in general.
  • Pig E. and Greedelia Bank encountered Dick Tracy on several subsequent occasions. At no time did they make any mention of their daughter or her status.