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Pedro Zelene was a Mexican-American pilot who flew charter flights in a helicopter. He had dark hair.

In 1948, he was an accomplice to Pear-Shape's robbery of the wealthy Mary Waldo, though not to her murder.

A year later, when Pear-Shape was being hunted by the police and had grown tired of Jim Pistol's strenuous health regimen, he blackmailed Pedro into picking him up for a getaway. Pear-Shape wanted to escape to the West Coast, but Pedro warned him the helicopter didn't even have enough gas to fly to the county line.

Fed up with being blackmailed, Pedro left Pear-Shape in a wooded area (which turned out to be part of the County Zoo) where Pear-Shape was attacked by lions. Arrested by Dick Tracy, Pedro was overcome by remorse and admitted his part in the robbery and where he had left Pear-Shape. Tracy later remarked Pedro's cooperation would be in his favor when making a case to a judge for clemency.


  • A later Rogues' Gallery entry indicated that Pedro had served a prison term and had subsequently been paroled.
  • It was not established specifically if Pedro had worked with Charlie & Joe Gass in the Waldo robbery, but it is possible.
  • Pedro had apparently been a willing accomplice during the Waldo robbery, thus qualifying him in the "Henchman" category.