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The man known as "Peaches de Creme" was born with a medical condition that made him almost entirely hairless. Peaches disguised himself as a woman and engaged in criminal activity. He was arrested by Dick Tracy for robbery in 1938.

In 1972, Peaches was out of prison and working with a gang that robbed a currency exchange. Peaches was arrested and taken to police headquarters where Dick Tracy recognized him and removed his disguise.


  • His name is a play on term on "peaches and cream", which is both a flavorful dessert and a term for an ideal situation.
  • Tracy's revealing Peaches de Creme's identity is very similar to his exposing Pinkie the Stabber from the first Dick Tracy Sunday strip.
  • It was not made clear if Peaches dressed as a woman solely as a means of obscuring his identity during criminal acts, or if he lived/presented as a woman at all times.
  • Peaches' medical condition was not specified, but it may have been some form of alopecia (which causes hair loss).