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The man called Paw lived together on a cattle farm outside of Dick Tracy's city with his wife. He had dark hair and typically smoked a tobacco pipe.

Two surviving members of the Armored Car Gang sought shelter at Maw and Paw's farm. Maw welcomed them into the farmhouse, not suspecting that they were criminals. Paw soon joined them, having found the gang members' hidden rifle and heard a radio report about the wanted fugitives.

Paw held the pair at gunpoint while Maw called for the sheriff, but their phone line had been damaged. While they waited, Maw offered the criminals food, which they rudely rejected. Paw took offense at this, and tricked the two criminals into getting onto his cargo truck. He then drove them towards the city while Maw called the police on the repaired phone.

Paw met Dick Tracy on the road and turned over his prisoners. He refused to accept any reward for his actions.


  • Being address as "Paw" would tend to indicate that the character was a father, but this was not explicitly stated.