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Paul Pocketclip was a millioniare and former attorney who represented various underworld figures. He was a heavyset older man with light hair .

Pocketclip had been in love with the much younger singer Julie Marrlin, but she spurned him to marry the criminal "Ducky" Marrlin. Pocketclip had defended Ducky in a murder case, but when Pocketclip was caught tampering with the jury and attempting to bribe the judge, he was disbarred and Ducky was re-tried. Ducky was convicted and executed. Julie never forgave Pocketclip, believing he had done it all deliberately to get rid of her husband.

In spite of her hostility, Pocketclip was determined to win Julie's affections. He enlisted the young tough driver Joe Period as a go-between, asking him to convey Pocketclip's message to Julie in exchange for one hundred dollars. Period went to the nightclub where Julie was singing and met her backstage. Period gave Pocketcklip's message to Julie, though he developed an attraction to her himself. Period was pleased when Julie said she refused to see Pocketclip and called him cute.

Pocketclip was upset by this news, though he allowed Joe to keep the hundred dollars he had given him. Pocketclip then went to the hotel where Julie was staying, planning to woo her with expensive gifts. When Julie tried to close her apartment door, Pocketclip blocked the door with his foot and threatened to shoot himself with a pistol in in the hallway outside Julie's room unless she gave him a chance.

Period who had been following Pocketclip, arrived shortly afterwards and knocked away the elderly man's gun, Pocketclip was furious at this and accused Period of trying to woo Julie himself.

When Period didn't deny this accusation, Paul Pocketclip attempted to grab his pistol, but Joe Period stabbed Pocketclip in the back of the skull with a steel icepick that Period kept hidden on his person. Pocketclip quickly died from the injury, Period then forced the horrified Julie at gunpoint to hide him in her room from the approaching police.


  • According to Joe Period, Julie told him Pocketclip was three times her age, though this exchange wasn't shown on panel.
  • Given Pocketclip's attempt to pick up his fallen gun when Period revealed his interest in Julie, a case could be made for Period's killing of the disbarred lawyer being self-defense.
  • The Harvey Comics preview of the storyline in issue 126 featured a panel from Sunday, January 15, 1956 depicting Pocketclip looking longingly at a giant portrait of Julie with the dialogue re-written to have him saying "I love her, Joe! You've got to tell her how much I love her!" as a smoking Joe Period counts his money and says to himself "I'll take his dough, but the old guy hasn't got a chance!". It appears again with the original dialogue in issue 127. The comic book reprint removed the panel of Joe preparing to stab Pocketclip, jumping to Julie's reaction to Pocketclip's corpse after Joe had killed him.