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Patty Norris was one of two adult daughters of Mayor Stanley Norris and his wife. She was an attractive young woman with blonde hair. She seemed to be the more talkative of the Norris daughters.

Patty and her sister were popular socialites. After their father unwittingly hired the fugitive Mrs. Pruneface to be the cook in their home, the Norris sisters invited several friends over for a party. They asked Mrs. Pruneface (in her alternate identity of "Marie") to prepare some food for them, and she reluctantly agreed. Some of the revelers lifted "Marie" onto their shoulders in celebration, but they stumbled as they walked around the mansion's swimming pool. Mrs. Pruneface and Chuck Elms, a friend of the Norrises, fell into the pool. Patty, her sister, and the rest of the group fled in embarrassment.

When the Norris daughters returned home later the same evening, they discovered that Chuck had drowned. They went to ask "Marie" what she knew about it, and found that she had packed her bags and was preparing to leave. Mrs. Pruneface menaced Patty and her sister with a pot of boiling soup, threatening to throw it on them if they made any noise.

Thinking quickly, the Norris daughters threw a pan of flour in front of a fan, creating a distraction that allowed them to escape. By this time, Dick Tracy and the police had been summoned to investigate Chuck's death. All of the parties present were surprised to hear gunshots coming from the kitchen, and were even more surprised to find that the Mayor's (seemingly) invalid wife had risen from her bed and shot Mrs. Pruneface.

Patty and her sister were delighted at their mother's recovery.


  • Daughter02

    The unnamed Norris daughter (right), with Patty (center, face covered) and their father (left).

    Of the two Norris daughters, Patty was the only one to be named. The other daughter (who had dark hair) was never given a name in the strip.