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Patterson Playhouse

First Appearance:

January 5th, 2014

Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Joe Staton

The Patterson Playhouse is a professional live theatrical venue in Dick Tracy's city.

The Patterson Playhouse has hosted several productions, many of which have featured Vitamin Flintheart, who later purchased the theater.

Vitamin was co-starring in a production at the Patterson Playhouse with Mary Perkins when he became the target of a confidence scheme by Silver Nitrate.

The Patterson Playhouse was later the venue for a production of the play "Arsenic and Old Lace", which starred Vitamin Flintheart, Agate Aggie, Mel O. Dee, and Gruesome. On the play's opening night, Gruesome murdered the janitor Otis and hid the body on stage. Gruesome later set off an explosive device which demolished part of stage, enabling him to escape in confusion. The theater was eventually restored.

Dick Tracy agreed to meet with actor Morgan Byrd at the Patterson Playhouse to discuss the murder that took place on the set of the Midnite Mirror feature film. They met at the theater to avoid attracting the attention of the press.

Later, Vitamin Flintheart played the title role in a production of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol at the Patterson Playhouse. The Patterson Playhouse was also the venue for the initial production of the musical A Chin to Die For, which was adapted from Vera Alldid's comic strip J. Straightedge Trustworthy.

Some time later, the criminal Little Doc was hired as a floor manager at the theater. This coincided with Vitamin Flintheart being cast in a production of Our Town.

The Patterson Playhouse was the site of the showdown between Abner Kadaver and Ten of Spades which resulted in Kadaver's (apparent) demise.

It was later revealed that the Patterson Playhouse was connected to a series of underground tunnels that had been used by bootleggers.


  • PPMagoo
    The Patterson Playhouse was named after Captain Joseph Patterson, who was the publisher of the Chicago Tribune at the time that Chester Gould began writing and drawing Dick Tracy.