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Parroll Lea was a known criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He was a member of Haf-and-Haf's theft ring that used trained crows to steal valuables.

When Dick Tracy discovered the theft ring's activities, he investigated a telephone lineman's canvas shelter that was secluded in the branches of a tree in a city park. Tracy and Sam Catchem discovered the body of Parroll Lea in the shelter, along with several stolen items.

Lea's body was taken to the morgue where he was identified. It was presumed that he had been killed by a cohort (apparently Haf-and-Haf) in a dispute over dividing up the stolen goods.


  • The name Parroll Lea is a play on "parolee", which refers to a convict who has been released on parole.
  • While it was established that Haf-and-Haf's wife Dolly was an accomplice to the theft ring, it was not established if she and Parroll Lea had had any interaction.