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The man called Panda (full name unrevealed) was a member of the original Mr. Crime's gang. He was bald and typically wore wide-collared shirts.

Tonsils, Mr. Crime, & Newsuit Nan[]

Panda was present when Tonsils was recruited to kill Dick Tracy. When Tonsils returned from the North Woods, believing that he had succeeded in killing Tracy, it was Panda (acting under orders from Mr. Crime) who pushed Tonsils into the swimming pool where Tonsils was eaten by Mr. Crime's barracuda. Panda later read about the singer's failure to kill Tracy in a newspaper.

Panda worked very closely with Mr. Crime and Newsuit Nan, who was Mr. Crime's chief information gatherer and broker. Panda observed when Newsuit administered her "mind control" drug to Mr. Crime (September 28th, 1952), and listened while Mr. Crime confessed that he had withheld money from Panda and Newsuit that they were entitled to. When Mr. Crime emerged from the trance, he burned the recording of his confession and defied Newsuit and Panda to try to collect from him. In spite of this admission, Panda remained loyal to Mr. Crime.

Newsuit Nan conducted a lottery drawing to see which member of Mr. Crime's gang would be responsible for killing an important witness who was about to testify, and Panda expressed disappointment when he was not selected. Later, when the murder attempt failed, Panda and the other members of the gang went to Newsuit Nan's home to plan their next move. Newsuit Nan had fled after learning that the police had planted a camera in her home, and Panda and the gang were arrested when Tracy and the police arrived on the scene.

Tracy planted listening devices in the men's cells, and therefore heard clues that led him to discover Mr. Crime's underground hideout. Panda was subsequently charged, convicted and sentenced to a term in prison.

Release from Prison[]


Many years later, Panda was released from prison and was recruited by the new Mr. Crime, who kept his identity a secret. Panda acted as the primary contact for all members of the new Mr. Crime's gang, which consisted primarily of Dick Tracy's foes, both long-time and recent. They operated out of the offices of Panda's Talent Agency.

The new Mr. Crime had duplicated several elements of his predecessor's operation, including the man-eating barracuda and the use of the muerte vine to dispose of victims' bodies. Panda revealed that he had nicknamed the new barracuda "Tonsils".


The Panda Agency became the target of a raid by the combined forces of the police department and the Tracy Agency. Panda abandoned his comrades and attempted to escape, but his vision was obscured by Abner Kadaver's fog and he fell into the pool where the barracuda devoured him. Only traces of his clothes were found.