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The man called Palmy (presumably an alias) was a member of B-B Eyes' gang.

Ally of B-B Eyes[]

Palmy was first seen when he met B-B Eyes in the gang's hideout after B-B Eyes escaped from his trapped car. Later, Palmy was seen holding Officer O'Malley at gunpoint.


After B-B Eyes was captured by Dick Tracy and Pat Patton, Palmy and the remaining three members decided to flee. Backing their car up onto a sidewalk, they went backwards too fast and hooked themselves on a fire hydrant. The gang engaged in a shoot-out with Dick Tracy in which two of them were killed. The remaining two members (Palmy and a unnamed member) were arrested by Tracy.


  • It is likely that Palmy was also an associate of the other known members of B-B Eyes' gang (including Micky and Livy), but this was not officially established in the strip.