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The man known as Palm Bucker was an associate of the criminal Haf-and-Haf. Bucker had light wavy hair, an upturned nose, and prominent lips.

Bucker had worked as a fortune teller in the Circling Bros. Circus at the same time that Haf-and-Haf had been a part of sideshow. Years later, Bucker had left the circus and was reading fortunes in a small storefront.

Bucker was approached by the fugitive Haf-and-Haf, who wanted Bucker to pose as a judge so that Haf-and-Haf could convince the blind widow Kora Steel that he was marrying her. Bucker agreed.

The "ceremony" was interrupted by Dick Tracy and the police, who had been tracking Haf-and-Haf for several crimes. Tracy recognized Bucker and removed his disguise.

It was not clear if Bucker would face charges for aiding Haf-and-Haf.


  • Though he often worked as a fortune teller, there was no indication that Palm Bucker had any genuine ability to predict the future.
  • It is possible that "Palm Bucker" or "Palm" is an alias.
  • There is no known connection between Palm Bucker and Palmy, an associate of B-B Eyes.