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Orner Jamison was the head of the law enforcement group known as the World-Crime Organization (also known as the World Anti-Crime Society). He had light hair.

Jamison had recently received a commemorative belt buckle as an award from the Police League when he became the first victim of the 52 Gang after they stole the newly-built Space Coupe. Jamison was abducted and was ejected from the coupe while it orbited the Earth.

Jamison's body was left in orbit for some time before it could be recovered with the aid of the Space Coupe's pilot Dyne O'Matick. O'Matick installed a magent and a viewing window in the Space Coupe that allowed it to magnetically grab Jamison's belt buckle and hold the body in place during the return trip to Earth.


  • While it was stated that Jamison was the head of the World-Crime Organization, it was not explicitly stated that he was or ever had been a police officer.