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The man known as Orange Roughie was a member of Grappa "Big Grouper" Grababo's gang. He was bald and typically wore dark glasses, even indoors.

Orange Roughie was a loyal member of Big Grouper's gang, and showed concern for his boss' health. He also acted as Big Grouper's driver on occasion.

Orange Roughie drove Big Grouper to eat at a restaurant that Sal Monella's gang had extorted into buying tainted food. Big Grouper was dissatisfied with the poor quality of the food, and he and his gang (including Roughie) shot up the restaurant. They discovered evidence that the food had been provided by Monella's company and went to Monella's base of operations to confront him.

Unbeknownst to Big Grouper and Roughie, Monella was also being monitored by Dick Tracy (who had previously fell victim to Monella's tainted food). Monella had left Tracy trapped in Monella's headquarters when Big Grouper's gang arrived. Tracy was able to use his Wrist Geenee to turn off the power in the building. Big Grouper and his gang believed they were being ambushed and began to shoot wildly in the darkness. Big Grouper, Orange Roughie and the rest of the gang all shot each other to death, with any survivors being shot by members of the FBI (who had also been monitoring Big Grouper's activities).


  • Orange Roughy is a large deep-sea fish. It is popular among seafood enthusiasts.
  • Ambiguity in the dialogue makes it unclear if Orange Roughie is the name of this henchman, or if Big Grouper is offering this henchman a serving of the fish orange roughy instead of lasagna.
  • The color of Orange Roughie's jacket changes from green to orange in the Sunday strips that take place during this storyline, though they depict events that are taking place within the span of a few hours.