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Onyx Fencer was an underworld figure in Dick Tracy's city. He had light hair and a lined face.

Fencer allied himself with criminals and provided financing for criminal activities. He also had a safe-house where he hid illegally-obtained money and merchandise. Fencer was arrested for his criminal activities, but his bail was posted by Crystal the Seer.

Fencer's home was destroyed by a hurricane which also killed his wife. Fencer returned to the site of his wrecked house and found his dog Cappy. Fencer became despondent over his situation and took his own life by jumping off a bridge. He jumped holding Cappy in a sack with him, but the dog was rescued by Dick Tracy.


  • In criminal circles, a "fence" is a person who deals in stolen goods, paying less than their value to the thieves and maintaining a network of buyers. They usually maintaining a level of plausible deniability about knowing the origin of the merchandise. Unlike Onyx Fencer, real-life fences typically try to sell their items quickly, rather than holding or hiding them for an extended period of time. "Fence" can also be a verb, meaning "to sell stolen goods".
  • In Fencer's early appearances, he was shown working with a dark-haired man with a moustache. This unnamed man spat in Dick Tracy's face when they were arrested, and was punched in the eye by Tracy as a response. The fate of Fencer's accomplice is unknown.