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The man called One-Eyed Jack was the proprietor of Jack's Casino in Dick Tracy's city. He had wavy dark hair and a moustache.

Jack was a part of Big Ace's organization. Jack developed a scheme wherein gullible gamblers would win big payouts at his casino, then be robbed by Jack's operatives. B.O. Plenty was one victim of this scheme, which brought Jack's activities to the attention of Dick Tracy.

Tracy confronted Jack at the casino and the two men fought. Jack gained the upper hand and was preparing to shoot Dick Tracy. Jack then revealed that he was the brother of Kimberly Mynes (aka the Queen of Diamonds) who had died in an encounter with Tracy some time previously. Before he could kill Tracy, Jack was shot and killed by the King of Clubs, the owner of the casino.


  • Jack was addressed as "Mr. Eyejack", but it is not known if this was his real name. His sister's last name was Mynes, but this could have been a married name.
  • Jack was typically drawn with the left side of his face in shadow, implying that he was missing his left eye.
  • The strip from Sunday May 24th, 2009 includes a gunshot sound effect ("POW!") that would seem to be the indicator of the shot fired by the King of Clubs that killed One-Eyed Jack. However, Jack was shown to be alive and berating Tracy in the next two daily strips before explicitly shown being shot on May 26th.
  • Another criminal had previously appeared in the strip who was sometimes called One-Eyed Jack, but it is almost certainly not the same character.